Mobiles and devices

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Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Assembly Hall C0.14 / John Dalton building / Manchester Metropolitan University

In co-operation with Chris Mills, Developer Relations Manager for the Opera web browser company, we have organised a free event for staff, students and web developers from Manchester’s new media community. Focusing on the ‘hot topic’ of mobile and responsive, adaptive design the seminar draws a variety of speakers including Gary Byrne from local agency, The Reading Room and Wil Linssen form Nottingham’s premier agency, Erskine Design. Wil will be showing us GridPak, a new Responsive Grid generator, recently launched and getting attention from web developers’ worldwide.

By running the event on a Saturday and inviting the general new media community it is hoped the event will give students the chance to mix with professionals as well as their peers from various parts of the University. The issue of responsive, adaptive design for mobile devices is currently being discussed at every conference, on every forum and is keeping Twitter busy within this community. It is going to be an essential part to many of our student’s employability in an industry that is taking on new talent at a rapid rate at present.

Further details and signup at:


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