Junior Developer / Trainee

Junior Developer / Trainee

CandidSky are seeking to expand and need a developer to join our team. We work on web projects big and small, either going direct to a client or working with advertising and design agencies to facilitate their technological and programming needs.

We are offering a placement for someone to work at least 2 days per week to begin with.

What we offer

Paid work on real end clients – Giving you the experience you need to make it in this industry.
e’ll introduce you to higher end client work as your skill levels increase.
Flexible working hours that fit around you – We need at least 16 hours per week but should you want to increase those hours we’re more than happy to discuss this.
Training support and access to previous jobs we’ve completed – We will focus on technologies that are being requested in the real world now! We will show you what you should be learning and be on hand to help out should you get stuck. We’ll even give you access to jobs we’ve done before so that you can have a crack at the same brief and peek over the wall at our code if you need the solution.
A vibrant office environment – We’re a small outfit and we value our staff. Use our city centre office space for your work and your learning time. Being small we encourage our staff to speak up, and we always listen. Getting you opinions heard and having input into the projects is a huge part of the training process.
What else do you want? – Please let us know.


Applicants must have some experience with PHP, HTML, CSS and MYSQL.
Applicants must be able to code and style HTML pages to a decent standard (Example: Using <DIV>’s instead of tables and CSS stylesheets instead of inline styles.)
Applicants should have some experience with coding in PHP using variables, arrays, classes and functions. Applicants should have some experience with object oriented PHP language.
Applicants should have experience with manipulating MYSQL databases.
Applicants must be available to start work immediately and work from our office in the centre of Manchester.

Tom Lambert
E: tom [at] candidsky [dot] come


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