MMU Mentor Match

I’ve just found out about a new service led by the MMU Careers and Employability ServiceMentor Match. The web site is awful but don’t let that put you off. Over the last few years I’ve talked to a number of people including Andew Disley regarding the idea of mentoring students. This is a great step forward.

I suppose there are many sides to this but from my point there is one particular area. We are encouraging students to develop portfolios before they leave us. This means getting them to build sites for friends, relatives, who ever. I’ve just learnt of one who advertiesed her web dev services on Gumtree which has resulted in two nice projects. If such a student also had a mentor from industry that they could lean on a bit for support, advice, guidance I’m sure this would not only encourage them but also add greatly to their education and experience. Industry also gets a much more ‘work ready’ student.

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