Fantastic News – Hardboiled Web Design workshops

I am delighted to announce some fantastic news for Manchester Metropolitan University and more importantly, my students. Our friend Andy Clarke (@malarkey) has offered 10 ‘free’ student places for our students to attend his full-day Hardboiled Web Design workshop in Manchester on October the 28th.

Andy says “Stuff and Nonsense were sponsored by those kind folks at both Microsoft and VPS.NET. We decided to use that sponsorship to help students, instead of making money for ourselves, because we really believe in education.”

So which students will go? Basically we will make an ‘informed’ selection of students that have demonstrated their keenness and passion for web development; the coding, the theories, the industry. They will have demonstrated this in their work, in attendance to classes, their enthusiasm to learn, attendance to extra and external events and by the fact that they are already building a portfolio of work and work experience.

This is a fantastically generous offer and I would like to add my personal thanks to Andy and Sue.

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10 thoughts on “Fantastic News – Hardboiled Web Design workshops

    1. Emile-Victor, great to hear from you. An impressive portfolio (except for the navigation, sorry).

      Sorry, but this oportunity is only for my students but thanks for the interest. If you can afford to pay, further information on the workshops is at:
      Andy does work all over the world so keep an eye on his tweets @malarkey. Good luck for the future.

  1. How you going to b e picking people Richard? Any sort of application or you more going to be seeing whose putting in the effort in class, since this seems like it would be excellent for my project.


      1. Yeah I did was just seeing if there was any extra info really. Either way let it be known i’m highly interested.

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