BBC beta

The BBC beta is available at I’ve always thought that changes to the BBC web site are a significant sign post in the development of the web. Not necessarily because they are cutting edge, but more because their use of elements (such as the move from 800×600) signal the move or confirmation of such things into mainstream. They’ve become the norm. If the BBC’s vast array of users can handle [..] then it is a signal that this is now standard stuff.

It’s also a huge site with a huge audience. A lot of that audience give feedback on any changes. The team must deal with more feedback than almost any other team around the world. The site also has a depth and breadth of content. This mixed with a variety of user groups means that this is an Information architects nightmare/dream.

And then there are the politics, internal and external. Phew that must be fun.  Why isn’t [..] on the homepage (or now, first slider)?

They’ve also worked hard on accessibility from the early days of Betsie and now they access via a multiple of devices.

My initial thought on seeing the beta for the first time was,  yikes as it is certainly a change. However, that was what was needed, it needed a new way to handle the gateway to all of that content. It’ll be interesting to see if people think they got it right.

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