Summer placement opportunity at Clearleft

Friend of the Department, Andy Budd who is a founding partner and Managing Director of Clearleft and a respected web design author has alerted me to a possible summer placement at Clearleft.

The actual advert is aimed at Masters students but Andy has made clear that if you can impress they will consider you for this opportunity.

Should I apply? The answer is yes if you are doing the things we’ve been telling you to do:

  • You are attending classes, you are learning, reading, loving the subject.
  • You are looking at the ‘other stuff’, not just the coding. That’s IA, usability, accessibility, UXD etc.
  • But you’ve also got your nose into HTML5, CSS3, PHP and stuff.
  • You’ve been building sites, any sites to gain experience.
  • You may have already done some work placements?
  • You have a site/portfolio of your previous work online.
  • You are blogging to voice your enthusiasm.
  • You’ve been going to events, mixing, learning from others.

You’ve been doing all (or most) of the above? Then Clearleft might be interested.

Fill in the form at:

Ps. Yes, Clearleft are in Brighton, Brighton & Hove but this is a fantastic opportunity. You should beg, steal or borrow to get down there. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.


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