Usability: Whats The Use?

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Wednesday, May 04, 2011 from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Manchester Metropolitan University
Sandra Burslem Building Room 2.10
Oxford Road
M15 6BH Manchester
United Kingdom

For websites, good usability is a matter of survival. If a website is difficult to use, people leave. If the homepage fails to clearly state what a company offers and what users can do on the site, people leave. If users get lost on a website, they leave. For intranets and applications the question is one of productivity. In many organisations employees waste inordinate amounts of time searching for and assimilating the information they need to do their jobs. This lost time has a real, tangible value so ROI for designing internal systems with User Experience in mind, and spending some time testing and improving the usability of the system, is pretty compelling.

As people with a strong User Experience focus we don’t need to be convinced of the value of good usability, but for many companies who are thinking of revamping their site, intranet or portal it isn’t quite so clear cut.

In this seminar we will explore:

· How good user experience can make a real impact on the effectiveness of your site

· Hints and tips on user-centered design for websites and applications

· Why user testing is important

· The direct link between usability and revenue generation in eCommerce websites

· Some case studies of real projects where user experience has been key to success

· Design principles for mobile websites and app interfaces



Sigma is a leading specialist in user-centred design, information management, web technologies and strategic IT consulting. We provide analysis, design, development and support services, with specific expertise in user experience, accessibility, content and document management, websites, intranets, mobile and online applications.


PRWD provide a range of usability and conversion optimisation services for websites, intranets and business systems, and is run by usability expert Paul Rouke.

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