Summer work

The question I get asked a lot at this time of year is ‘how do I get experience, placements, summer work’.

My first question is ‘have you been networking’? If you know people, and people know you, then you are more likely to find work placements. Have you been going to GeeUps? Have you attended MadLab events? Have been to a BLAB? Are you a  Manchester Digital student? Did you go to #naconf? You can’t afford to sit back and wait for this to come to you.

All of these may help you get you intouch with the right people. It shows your enthusiasm for the subject. Mix and make new friends and contacts. Have you joined the LinkedIn Group: MediaCityUK | BBC North Salford University Granada ITV Salford Quays Peel MANCHESTER Forum for News and Jobs?

What about work experince schemes? Have you had a look at:

  1. Prospects Work Experience Scheme
  2. Step Scheme for work placements

And our own Web Angels voluntary scheme.

How about work for friends and family? You need to be developing an online portfolio, jobs large and small help. Learnt a new trick? Implemented a clever bit of CSS? Blog about it. Put a demo on your portfolio. Show that you love this stuff.

Oh and read! Read blogs, read articles, follow tweets, read books (yes, our web design units have reading lists starting with The Web Standardistas). We had one of web design’s most famous authors, Andy Clarke in to talk to you before Christmas. Have you read his book yet?

Finally, set yourself some targets. This summer I am going to learn… go for it.

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One thought on “Summer work

  1. I tried to post a comment the other day it mustn’t have sent but I’ll try repeat what I said.

    I couple of tips from my interview I had recently that some may not do or think to do:
    Write down questions on a piece of paper or in a notebook to ask (it surprisingly impressed them).
    Be honest in your CV — I have no experience, so I put no experience. They found it good I was honest. I’m not sure what other people do for no experience but that’s what I did.

    The importance of a portfolio as Richard has mentioned enough, my advice is don’t apply without one. Sites like Cargo offer a nice free way to create a portfolio.

    As for books: I recommend the A Book Apart books. They’re short enough to read in a couple of hours and make great reference.

    I hope this can be of help.

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