BBC Digital Media Graduate Scheme

I am told that they’re looking to recruit 4 this year, around September time and will be increasing that number next year.

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7 thoughts on “BBC Digital Media Graduate Scheme

  1. Only 4?! I’m at the interview stage, and it seems their’s only 1 day for the assessment center…

  2. Hi all,
    When did you apply Hamant, and when did you first hear back? I’m curious because I’ve had no feedback at all (application date: 10/03), and radio silence seldom bodes well. Good luck!

  3. Sorry for the late reply.

    I applied in the beginning of March, and they sent me a confirmation that they received my application. Then on 22/03, I received an email with an online task to complete. After completing it and sending my solution off, I got an email on 01/04 with details about my assessment center day on 12/04.

    I managed to get a few details about the scheme… There were 10 of us on the day, and I found out that there were 91 applicants. I heard from HR that they will be taking 4 people this year.

    I heard mixed responses about any more assessment days… At first, I heard there wouldn’t be any more, but by the end of the day, I heard there will be one more some time in May.

    It was a pretty standard assessment day. We were all told to come at 9.45, and had a quick introduction. We were separated into 2 groups of five, and were given our schedule for the day. We had an hour and a half long group exercise, where we had to find the cause of a problem. This was done in the groups of five.

    After this, my group had our interviews, and the questions were straightforward; ‘Why BBC’, ‘Why this scheme’, etc. We then had a short break where they supplied lunch for us. Daniel Dankar (head of Future Media and Technology) gave a presentation where we questioned him. It was quite a laid back session.

    Then we had our inductive reasoning test, which was similar to the ones given online. We did this on paper.

    We got a quick tour of the Blue Room at the BBC, which had every recent gadget imaginable, from On-Live to MS Surface, that was really cool!

    They said they’ll contact us in a week to tell us if we’ve received a place on the scheme or not. I really hope I get this, the place was amazing!!!

  4. Thank you for the details, Hamant. I’m sorry about your rejection; one of my most talented former colleagues didn’t even make it to the online test stage, which I found disconcerting but explicable through our more arts-y syllabus. She is now a budding entrepreneur 🙂 Just out of curiosity – what is your academic background?

    I just found out that my assessment day is on the 8th of May. I’ll keep you posted.

  5. I heard that there would be positions available in both Manchester’s Media City, AND London.

    Does that suggest that there are 4 positions in Manchester, and 4 positions in London?
    Given that the scheme is based on a 2 year, 6month rotation, 4 positions in each city seems appropriate.

    Any thoughts?

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