Web Design Apprentice

Fantastic opportunity – From the guys behind Five Simple Steps publsihing, Web Design Apprentice with Mark Boulton Design in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan.

A perfect opportunity for our graduates if willing to make the move. This is a dynamic company, with one of the UK’s leading lights in web design. An impressive list of clients, a job with direction. Go for it!

* Note that the application is a ‘hand-written letter’. No text type, no spell checking. Sparkle, impress. You can do it. Good luck.

The closing date for these letters will be March 31st 2011.

And, for those of you who actually attended classes (you’re interested in this industry), did the coursework (you’re reliable, can meet deadlines, work under pressure), got the results (you can do the job, build to the brief, you can communicate), have built up a portfolio of work (you got off you ass and did more than just your ‘school work’)… it is worth checking out the Web Design job also up for grabs at Mark Boulton Design. See http://markboultondesign.com/jobs/web-designer. Note closing date for applications for this position will be March 18th 2011 via email.


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