– Not sure. – Not sure.

Ok, on the positive side.

  • More sites will become accessible (if the volunteers know what they are doing and the sites in question take on board and implement the changes).
  • Web accessibility awareness is raised a notch.
  • More developers may ultimately make less inaccessible sites (because the client may have an awareness).

Less positive.

  • This is someone’s job – some make a living making sure sites are accessible.
  • Therefore there are professionals to do this.
  • The industry has done ‘accessibility’ to death – why are there sites that still fail? (Answers on a very large postcard).

So should I say to my student’s; sign up, use you new skills to help others, develop your skills, gain valuable experience by volunteering?

Or should I say ‘be careful’, this is yet another organisation wanting your time from you for free?

A great idea? A great cause? I’ve been teaching accessible web design for nearly 15 years. Perhaps I should support it? Perhaps it’s my fault?

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3 thoughts on “ – Not sure.

  1. Hi Richard,
    I lead Fix the Web and it was my idea so I guess the buck stops here!

    I just answered a blog on another site:

    but its not moderated right now so I am guessing it will appear soon.

    Anyway, a very similar discussion taking place so I won’t repeat all the points again here just to save my typing!

    In short though, very happy to have discussions with anyone wanting to shape this project
    All the best

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