New book – Andy Clarke – Hardboiled Web Design

Friend of the Department, Andy Clarke has just released his new book, “Hardboiled Web Design”, which is now available to buy from Five Simple Steps.

Andy, who will be a guest speaker here at MMU on the 10th of December says…

Hardboiled Web Design is for people who want to know why, when
and how to use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technologies in their
everyday work. Its 400 pages are packed full of example code
and almost 400 full colour illustrations.

Hardboiled Web Design is available now in PDF format, paperback
and as a limited edition bundle containing the PDF, paperback
and poster of Kevin Cornell’s amazing cover artwork.

Buy PDF or the bundle and download the PDF right away.
The paperback and poster ship on or before 29th November 2010.

More details of Andy’s appearance at MMU to follow.


6 thoughts on “New book – Andy Clarke – Hardboiled Web Design

  1. Looks awesome and if it’s written as well as his Transcending CSS Book, it should be a great book! Can’t wait to get it 🙂

  2. I’d been waiting for this to be released for ages, so ordered it as soon as it dropped.

    Make sure to download the example files Andy provides. It really shows what the future possibilities will be with CSS3.

    Just a shame about IE9…

  3. @Abid IE9’s seems to be coming on quite nicely now and has quite a bit of support for CSS3 + HTML5 technologies, I wouldn’t be surprised if they managed to squeeze a bit more CSS support in before launch as I know they’ve been working hard with the community and testing. I’m esp a big fan of it’s newer UI although it’s going to take something big to pry me away from FF and the extension set I use day in and out for development (Chrome still can’t touch FF on this).

    @Richard just noticed your entry whilst Google’ing about. Absolutely agreed this book is very good. I can also recommend Introducing HTML5 ( and the books from Other than that hope all is well with uni.


    1. Cheers Andy. You are welcome to Andy Clarke’s talk if you are around. Got the HTML5 book. As a teacher the idea that it looses the strictness of XHTML (you can be a sloppy coder) isn’t good.

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