Guest speaker programme – 2009/2010

As teaching draws to a close this academic year I thought I’d reflect on the excellent guest speakers we’ve had for my three units. Year one unit, Organising Information has just finished a term of Information Architecture basics with two speakers putting the terms work into context. Jen Williams from Code ComputerLove presented a case study of the re-design of the architecture for a large Printer web site. Claudia Urschbach from the BBC User Experience and Design Team gave a talk about the team and a case study of the BBC news navigation re-design. Leanne Dougan also came to talk about career opportunities at BBC North. [A quick thanks to both Karen Loasby and Silver Oliver for starting the BBC ball rolling].

Through the terms we’ve had guest slots from the excellent Simon Wharton of PushON talking about SEO and careers in the industry; Louis Georgiou from Code ComputerLove explaining and illustrating CMS with live examples; Derren Wilson did sessions on web graphics and web databases using his infamous Sandwich Project Web site as a shining example.

Sarah Charlton, Managing Director of Mickey and Mallory came to talk to final year students about pitching to clients prior to them doing their own team pitches at the end of term. Sarah kindly gave her time to chat to a number of students after the lecture, taking time to offer advice and view their work.

Brendan Dawes came in for a special session for both 2nd and 3rd year students. Brendan of Magnetic North was a nice antidote to our semantic, standards driven teaching as his talk focused on design and looking beyond the normal, being creative. Check out Magnetic North’s current homepage as a prime example.

Chris Mills of Opera kindly came by to delivery a friendly and informative talk on HTML5 and CSS3. The hour session spilled over into two hours, keeping everyone entertained. Slides and examples can be found at: University talk resources, March 2010: HTML5 & CSS3 slides.

If anyone reading this would like to be involved next academic year, please drop me a line. We pay naff all, and students often don’t bother turning up.. but hey!


One thought on “Guest speaker programme – 2009/2010

  1. Looks like an excellent programme. As a fellow lecturer, can I be cheeky and ask, do you have a budget to pay all of these speakers or are you – like we’re often forced to do – drawing on favours and calling in the occasional graduate? (This might be a question for an email….)

    No need to tell you that we’d be happy to make a flying visit next year should you wish it (and we’d of course do it as a favour!).

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