Tom Scott, Michael Smethurst: Building coherence at

This ties in nicely with our current guests from the BBC and developments at our favorite web site.

From the Conference of the British Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO UK) entitled “Content Architecture: Exploiting and Managing Diverse Resources”.

Abstract: Think of the BBC as a storytelling organisation; then think of the transition needed from storytelling in the world of linear broadcasting to that of the non-linear, hypertext world of the web. The value in a website lies not in its implicit (meta)data of the domain model but rather in the way the domain model overlaps and intersects with other domains.

Take a look at these slides [I suggest you right-click, to load in a new tab or window]:

and run the audio from:

Note to my students: URL and URI are different things. The item at a particular URL may not unique, eg. a pdf file that is located on other web sites (at others URLs). A URI should be unique, ie. that same pdf may have an URI to indicate that this is ‘the’ version. The same pdf may have a variety of URLs to indicate different locations that it is available.


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