The book I didn’t write!

HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions: A Web Standardistas’ Approach by Christopher Murphy & Nicklas Persson.

Recently Chris kindly sent me a copy of his excelent book. It perfectly provides the basics in a web standards/semantic markup type way. It’s the book that my teaching colleague Jonathan and I should have written 10 years or more ago. We’ve been following a standards driven method long before we learned the term semantic. We’re not techies, we never could that type bloat. However, this book manages to put it all in an order that makes so much sense.

In teaching, ‘the order’ is often the biggest battle. When to introduce what. With different capabilities, with fitting in assignments, getting the balance is something we have tuned each year since 1996.

As our new core text it will fit perfectly into our curriculumn that also includes a focus on information architecture, usability and accessibility. We are undergoing a re-shuffle for September 2010. Excellent!


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