Semantic Web

Two excellent articles on the Semantic Web. The first gives a great (and current) overview of what is the ‘semantic web’ and what is happening re. new developments. As ‘bottom uppers’ we may be also interested in the views of the second article.

Semantic Web Patterns: A Guide to Semantic Technologies by Alex Iskold
The semantic elephant in the room – Google will settle the “top down vs. bottom up” debate for us by Phil Bradley


2 thoughts on “Semantic Web

  1. We are working with the idea that what is missingis the visuzliation aspects. If the user doesnt understand the information whats the use. What we are looking for are good examples of semantic interface design…the information architecture of the semantic web. How do we interact with complex logic that can be stored in the ontologies??? Even for more visual areas like geographic information like in our geoconcepts ontology this is extreamly difficult.

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